One day of cruising...

One day’s cruise produces a wide variety of visual, sensual, and culinary experiences within a compact time frame.  These interactions with the weather, the outdoors, and the local food treats are difficult to convey in words.  Following is a dawn to sunset series of photos taken in about a 16-hour time span covering the trip south from Rockland, Maine to Boothbay Harbor, Maine.  They take you through our day on and around the water.

We leave just before sunrise.  Because many Maine harbors exit east, a morning departure faces you directly into the rising sun reflecting off the water making it impossible to see the lobster buoys. Leaving when it is just getting light outside, but before sunrise, minimizes this problem.

Low light systems in the pilothouse allow better inside/outside visual transitions.  Although this lighting is different than a night crossing, when the monitors are switched to a red screen night mode, and courtesy lights at the floor level are all red.

Nora takes a turn at the helm. (Note the improvised helm seat adjustments.)

Clear blue skies all the way down the coast.

Boothbay Harbor
Bravo at anchor… low tide on an Indian summer afternoon.

Bravo is way, way back there!

Yet another super lobster dinner
…With corn on the cob of course!  Thanks again to the staff at Brown’s Wharf for use of the courtesy car to get to Hannaford’s Supermarket and stock up!

One of our new sweet treats… frozen double stuffed mint Oreos.  James Knight introduced us to this decadent treat on our trip north and now we are hooked!  Try it and bet you can’t eat just one!

Evening downpour
Bright sunshine continues through a surprise torrential downpour.
Rainbow leads to a “magic lobster pot”!

Rain squalls pass over the bay.
Bravo’s dingy rests in a calm evening.
The sun fades into the end of the day.


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