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The end of the journey for Bravo... but not the end of adventure...

Still Heading South Leaving Jacksonville Wouldn’t you know... the day Chet and Lynette are scheduled to fly out, the weather and sea conditions finally turn favorable.  Catching the slack tide, we turn east and head offshore.  We quickly realize that other ships also want to take advantage of the improved conditions to head out to sea. Did we mention that Mayport Naval Base is directly across the river from us?  Mayport is home to several aircraft carriers, destroyers, and support ships.  Just exiting the long narrow Jacksonville harbor channel we notice one of these aircraft carriers looming large on our stern cruising a lot faster than Bravo's capabilities.  Nora is at the helm when the radio call comes, "US warship calling motor vessel Bravo"...  Yikes!  That's us!  So, Nora radioes back acknowledging them and asks if they wanted us to stand down.  They reply back, "Yes", and provide their course heading.  We turn to port to stand down and stay