101 Ways to "Leave Home"

101 Ways to “Leave Home”

Embarking on this adventure of this nature required two levels of separation… one from most of your worldly possessions, and secondly separation from the friends who have shared the ups and downs of your life for many years.  Friends who are helping you for several months… pack, move, sell and otherwise dispose of the worldly goods your new reality cannot contain.  Objects are more easily abandoned.  Friends are not easily left behind…

Our friends added to the level of separation difficulty by throwing parties and dinners to say “good-bye”!  Nora also retired from her HR job where she had been for 22 years, and that added another layer of good-byes.

The final party was a combo affair at “Chet Kenoyer's Man Cave (a.k.a. Woomi’s Man Cave).  Chet and Lynette Kenoyer hosted an open house at Chet’s newly finished man cave to celebrate its grand opening and to wish us a fond farewell.

The road trip had an inauspicious beginning.  After WEEKS and WEEKS and WEEKS of gleaning and sorting personal items, and narrowing down to the bare essentials, we finally picked up our rental mini-van and packed everything into it.  Amazingly it all fit and we still had enough room to see out the windows!  Patting ourselves on the back we headed into town to do last minute errands.  At the first stop, we locked the van and headed into the store.  Wait a minute, the sliding door on the passenger side does not want to lock.  Every other door locks but the sliding passenger door.  What the heck??!!**

Three hours later… the van with a broken lock is returned.  All of our personal goods are unpacked in the parking lot from van #1 and repacked into a new rental van.  We are ready to move forward.
 A great last night of rest at the Kenoyer’s and we are off on to Chapter 1 of “the plan”.

3,000+ miles in four days…
Day 1: Bellingham, Washington to Missoula, Montana
Of course… worst traffic of the entire trip is through Seattle and through Snoqualmie Pass.  Fire along the highway.

Day 2: Missoula, Montana to Ogallala, Nebraska
Through the mountains, wide open spaces, and into the flat lands.  Tornado and thunderstorm country.  “Best Restrooms in the country!”

Day 3: Ogallala, Nebraska to St. Louis, Missouri
Flat lands, railroads, over the Mississippi River and into middle America.

Day 4: St. Louis, Missouri to Chesapeake, Virginia
Through the Appalachian Mountains, to the Atlantic coast, and to BRAVO on the 4th of July!



  1. Wow! Can't believe you guys made it from St. Louis to Chesapeake, VA in one day! Incredible! Love the pictures of the boat! Congratulations you guys! Your boat dreams are coming true!


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